Who is impact training for? Christians desiring to grow in their faith as well as those seeking to find and know God.

What age are the participants? Average age is between 19 – 24

Where do they come from? Mostly north America and some from Europe and other English speaking countries.

What’s the weather like? During Spring the days are an average high of 25 deg. Celsius and lows around 20 deg. Celsius.  Spring showers can also be expected however usually not lasting longer than a day or two.

What is the accommodation like? It’s shared accommodation in twin cabins also there is shared accomodation in a 7 berth cabin.

Voltage at mains? European standard 220 volts, if you bring appliances from north america you may require a voltage transformer and plug adaptor.

What clothing will I need to bring? Warm casual wear for every day use, sweat shirts pants and joggers for physical exercise and old clothes you don’t mind getting dirty when doing work projects. They should be quick drying such as fleece (not cotton or wool) as we do not have dryers. Be sure to have a wind breaker and foul weather jacket and pants.

Regarding Insurance? You will need to have your own health and accident insurance cover that is valid whilst here.  There are various companies offering travel insurance at low costs check out the internet or your travel agent.

Do you cater to special diets? Generally speaking no, however the galley crew will do what they can to accommodate you should you make your concerns known to them.  Be aware though they will be under no obligation to do so.

How do I apply? Go to our “check availability” page fill it in and send.  It will come to our email address for us to inform you as to whether there are still places left and what steps to take next.

How and when do I pay? To secure your place in our programs you will need to send us the full fee amount specified in our explanation of how to apply in response to your checking of availability.  Payments can be made to our Austrian account, details will be in your information letter.

What sort of extra costs might I have? Things you should consider are; Telephone, internet, stationary, postage, toiletries, snacks, sightseeing, souvenirs, laundry, sport & recreational activities as well as travel to and from the boat.

Can I make purchases with credit cards? This is usually possibly at gift and clothing shops, but not tavernas, fast food places and other small kiosks.

Are there ATMs? Yes, most towns will have a bank with atm machines.

What is the currency used in Greece? The Euro which is approximately equal to $1.30 USD.