Packing List


Bible (physical)

Denim shorts 

Athletic shorts (for outdoor work)

Dry-fit tops/ athletic tops (outdoor work)

Light/airy T-shirts 

Tank tops

Sweatshirt/hoodie for cool evenings

Pair of jeans


Tennis shoes


Day pack/backpack

Water Bottle 

European adaptor (amazon)

Hats (optional)

Hammock (optional) 

Deck of cards (optional)

Swimsuits *Note below* and beach towel

Dresses for church (flowy)

Dresses for town dinners/dessert nights with friends 

Shorts & button ups for the guys during church and dinners

Note: Light material clothing for the hot days, easy-to-pack, and fast drying.

  • Avoid thick clothing and cottons. 
  • We suggest bringing clothes you are fond of and would like to wear into town with friends, but also bring lounge clothes to relax on the property and attend classes. 

Toiletries Note:

Skopelos has stores to buy things like toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo & conditioner, lotions, etc. *But if you have anything specific you like feel free to bring it

Swimsuit Note:

-A reminder while you pack for Greece that you will be in a ‘European-type’ of beach culture, so bikinis are normal. However, as you choose suits to pack just know that bikinis are permitted at Kingfisher. Be certain that they honour how you look and are considerate to those around you.