Fall Update 2022

As the weather turns to cool and rain, I ask myself, where did the summer go?  Summer is our time of opportunity!  Greece of course is a summer tourist destination, the islands in particular, and the “Kingfisherproject” a place of retreat!  Makeshift facilities (our treehouses), are put to use in the attempt to capitalise on this opportunity and as small a team as we may be, we have been able to serve many, – be it students or guests, who have sought to draw nearer to Jesus.

Students (42 in total) have filled every available bed, – both in Spring and now Fall courses.  Volunteers (8 over all), served joyfully with us, and about 15 summer guests surprisingly put up with the sweltering heat to enjoy Christian fellowship on our “Castaways” program.  A delight however was to hear the laughter and shrill expressions of joy, of dozens of local kids with parents that come Saturday afternoons to play at our “Stafylos Adventure Park”, – the part of our center open to the public.

Meanwhile construction on the studio apartments was started early Spring.  Basements have been poured (concrete), but now we wait till November to resume the work of constructing the 6 studio apartments and a place for dinning and meetings with relative facilities.

As I write, our bible school program is underway, 22 students and 2 volunteers.  Last couple of weeks they did a tour to Northern Greece, to see biblical/archaeological sites at Philippi, Veria and Thessaloniki as well as partner with local churches there for service projects and outreach/evangelism.

Now back on Skopelos we’re into the last 4 weeks of lectures. The focus is on Christ who was to come, who came and who will come again.  This series will take the student through a very detailed overview of the scriptures laying a foundation for the Faith they are growing in.  John writes:” …but these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.”

We are a small team, but by the grace of God have pressed on to make the greatest impact possible in the lives of those that come here.  The truth is we all feel stretched, have at times been overwhelmed and have sometimes reacted poorly, but we get up once again and in our weakness see His strength as He provides in every way.  Our prayer is that we keep our eyes focused on our Lord and bend to the work He is doing in us, a lifetime it will take to be sure, but a work He will complete which gives us the hope that we hold to.

Please pray for our students in this last stretch of the course, that they remain motivated to pursue Christ.  For wisdom and strength for our staff, an extra outpouring of His grace.  Pray also for the next phase of building to resume shortly.  Also for the sport event we purpose to hold next Saturday for all Skopelitan youth including all our students.  We’ll be running a beach volley tournament . Finally pray for more longterm staff, especially cook.