Voluntary Service

Voluntary Service

Give to others out of the overflow of what you have found in Jesus Christ.  Contribute voluntary practical service alongside our team, both within and beyond our grounds. Serve the needs of others, that they may see Jesus and experience His love and provision.

These opportunities are open to all who are over 18 years of age and are fit and healthy.  You may join us for any amount of time that suits you, all throughout the year, except the month of December.

A typical day would include a daily devotional / bible study, each morning after breakfast.  Followed by approx. 4 hours of service . Lunch, then free afternoon to go explore the island or go for a dip in the sea.  At 18:00 a couple more hours of service leading up to dinner and then a free evening to join in with other guests / students and programs that may be offered at the “Olive Grove”.

What kind of service opportunities available will depend on the season, (Winter or Summer), and what other programs may be happening at that time.  It will range from, gardening and in general grounds keeping work, maintenance work on buildings, helping to serve participants of bible school programs, or family camps, retreats, from cleaning rooms, serving tables, looking after kids, participating in youth programs and other local community projects, such as street youth club, beach cleanups etc…

Participants will be accomodated in our treehouses, except during winter which will be in our main building.  They will be having meals with other guests / students if there any at the time, otherwise preparing their own with the facilities and provisions provided.  Further participants will be required to cover their living expenses which would come to 10 euro per day for the first two weeks, then 5 euro for the next two weeks, then free for as long as you stay to serve.  These living expenses cover all meals and accomodation at the “Olive Grove”.

If interested, please contact us at info@torchbearers.gr

To start with the application process Apply here!

When you apply you will be asked to select one of the 3 time periods within which you would be availabe to serve.  It is not required that you serve the whole of this period.  In the further coments  please indicate your prefered time frame for which you are available.