Spring Update 2021

Spring Update 2021

The promise of new life surrounds us, evidenced in the vibrant greenery, multicoloured wildflowers and warming sun rays, energising and motivating us to embrace our new season’s opportunities with anticipation.

Over the last Winter months, we focused on maintenance projects, such as stripping down and rebuilding engines to setting up the infra-structures necessary to proceed with programs and events to be offered here at the “Olive Grove – Christian Center”, – such as finalising the paperwork for our new “civil non-profit company” and permits for the building project to be launched this Fall.

By now (April) we’d normally be afloat on the Encounter preparing to take on a new group of students.  Instead our new Bible school program STEPS… was to be launched, but again Covid restrictions have laid waste to this plan.  Also, some volunteers had planned to join us from mid-March, but have not been able to get here and won’t be allowed till mid-May, so the main work here has fallen on the shoulders of very few.

Instead, we turned our focus to developments on the lower half of the Olive Grove which we purpose to make available for day events to be held there for local youth and families of our local community.

We launched “MOPS” a program for “Moms of Pre-schoolers”.  Moms are being invited to meet regularly to participate in seminars and workshops dealing with the raising of kids and forming a support group to share recourses and find encouragement.  

“Skopelites” – local youth club have been out here participating in youth programs, adding their colour of joyful squeals in bursts of exploding energy.

Covid restrictions have meant we have to keep the numbers down of any event, but we look forward to when these restrictions will be lifted and this place will be filled with lively individuals being able to share in the blessings of God.

Pray with us for the upcoming youth and family events.

Pray for those joining us on the new “Voluntary Service” project

Pray for all those preparing to attend STEPS… this Fall.

Pray guests will join us this summer in our treehouse accommodations, who’ll experience what it is to come away and find rest and renewal.

Pray for final preparations for the building project and its launch in the Fall.

Pray also for two more couples/families, to join our team at the “Olive Grove”.

For the sailing ship Encounter, we seek a new team (mission organisation) to take her on and utilise her for the purposes for which she was built.

It is only by the grace of God that we can do what we do.  We’re ever so grateful for the privilege.  

If you have questions on how to join us on this project, please contact me at theo@torchbearers.gr   

Theo Goutzios 

Kingfisher Project Director.