Finding Us

Our base of operations is Skopelos island of the Sporades islands group in the north-west Aegean just east of the city of Volos.  See google maps.  However, some of our programs, particularly the Impact Training courses may start at or near Volos.

You can get to Skopelos by ferry from Volos, Skiathos island, Mandoudi (Evia island), or during the summer season there may also be ferries from Thessaloniki and Agios Konstandinos (2.5hrs north of Athens).

The easiest option is to fly into Athens then flight to Skiathos island (40 min) our neighbouring island and ferry to Skopelos (approx 40 min). Cost approx. 130 euro.

The next best is fly into Athens, take the airport bus X93 to Liossion St bus terminal, (50 min), then bus to Mandoudi (2 hours) and ferry to Skopelos, (1.5 hours). Usually however it will arrive at the western port of Skopelos called Glossa, from where they will provide a conecting bus to Skopelos town (1 hour).  Total cost approx. 40 euro

Third alternative is fly into Athens,  take the airport bus X93 to Liossion St bus terminal, (50 min), then bus to Volos (3.5 hours) and ferry to Skopelos (3.5 hours).

Bus travel to Volos is also possible from Thessaloniki, take the airport bus to the bus terminal (40 min, where it terminates) and take a bus to Volos (2.5 hrs) and from there the ferry to Skopelos.

During the summer there are charter flights from various European cities, flying into Volos (Anchialos airport) as well as Skiathos see airports

There are two shipping companies presently serving the Sporades islands, these are; Hellenic Seaways and A.N.E.S lines

See also for the train schedule. Athens or Thessaloniki to Volos.

For further information on Greece including transport, accommodation, climate, history, and general information see Greek National Tourist Organization (GNTO)