Theo & Sandra

Theo & Sandra

Hi, I’m Theo Goutzios the Kingfisher Project director and skipper of the S/Y “Encounter”.  I’m married to Sandra pictured here and we have a lively Jack Russell Parson Terrier, called Rusty (also pictured).  Sandra is our hostess & cook aboard the ship and Rusty our ship’s mascot.

We’ve been married since 1980 and have for most of those years worked side by side in Christian ministry.

We started out in New Zealand in 1984 serving aboard the S/Y “Dayspring III” (a 74ft Ketch)  that served among the South Pacific islands, encouraging remote church groups, bringing Christian literature to them and preaching/teaching the Word of God

In 1986 we were invited to Greece to serve aboard the S/Y “Morning Star” (a 69ft schooner) leading evangelistic teams all over the islands and coastal areas of Greece as well as the coastal areas of Turkey, Cyprus and Albania.

Since 1996 we’ve served with Torchbearers founding the ministry in Greece, and in 1999 also taking on the management of the S/Y “Encounter” on behalf of Release Foundation (a British charity).  For more details on our story see our history.



Tom, Ymea and Layna

As of 2017, Tom and Ymea Mockel have joined our staff team as crew aboard our sailing ship the “Encounter”.

Tom has assumed technical responsibilities in both maintenance and operationally, also instructing groups in sail handling, knots, navigation etc…Ymea, his wife, helps to keep everything shipshape, organising students in their chores as well as assisting with providing meals and of course sail handling and anchoring of the ship.

Both are involved with the students/guests in a mentoring capacity, encouraging them in their pursuit of God and godliness.

Tom and Ymea have proved to be invaluable to us and the students/guests that come aboard.  They are devoted, dependable, working with a humble and teachable spirit, giving generously of their time to encourage and build up others.

They too need encouragement and support to continue, and I hope you might be moved by the Spirit to partner with them in what God has called them to.

Our hope is that in time they will be in a position to assume full responsibility for the sailing ministry, whose goal is to train up young Christians in the ways of Christ.  I trust that as we make this investment in this couple, you too will see the hand of God upon them and so join with us to do whatever we can to enable them to continue this life of sacrificial service.

Tom and Ymea have their own webpage with updates of how the Lord is using them and of where you will also be informed of their needs and projections of future goals, so you can pray and support them in any way the Lord will lead you.

We’d be thrilled to see a growing body of believers joining with us in this way.  Please indicate your willingness to partner with us by visiting Tom and Ymea’s webpage at and informing them of your desire to support them.


Minas family

Minas family

I Dimitrios come from a small country village. I finished school as an electrician. My wife Meta is from Athens and studied graphic design and nail artistry.

After our marriage in 2002 we started our life as a couple in Athens, and soon after, kids arrived. We lived there 13 years doing life among our families, believers, church. Working different jobs to earn a living, and as volunteers in different missions. Yet we both had in our minds to work full time in Christian ministry.
Eight years before our move to Skopelos island, I (Demetrios) was working as a bus driver. Taking tourists all over Greece. Committed to my work, I had forgotten about my vision and desire to work for God.
Then in 2008, I had a car accident from which I could have died. At the time, I was driving some 17 hours per day. Thank God the car hit the pylon instead of going down the cliff. That was a great shock to me.
In 2011 we both sensed again that calling that God had for us. We participated in a Christian conference in the UK and the theme was: “What do we do with the life God gave us?”
In 2014 we heard about the Kingfisherproject and asked about our potential involvement. A year later, – after prayer, fasting and sharing our decision, we moved as a family to the island. I (Demetrios) began work as the property manager. This involves me in maintenance and construction as we develop the Kingfisherproject property.
We’re now doing life in Skopelos, with our 4 kids at school. Friendships are growing. Also, new connections arise. We have great opportunities to share God’s love and compassion, for which we are glad.