The Winter “slowdown” was much appreciated over the Christmas and New Year celebrations period. The following rains kept everything at a standstill as muddy piles of earth from the excavations prevented any sort of machinery being able to work on site for much of January.

Mid February things slowly got underway again.  The earth having dried sufficiently allowed for the construction of a service ramp to the basement of the main building (meeting hall) being the last of any major cement work on the buildings.  By the start of March things were into full swing again.

On average, 5 languages are being spoken simultaneously; Greek, English, German, Albanian and Romanian. Quite a challenge at times to keep everyone in the know and connected.  Managing the supply of all the materials needed also proves to be a challenge as is the coordination of each team that needs to do their part.  Dealing with transport companies both on the island and mainland and coordinating with the shipping lines has set us back at times when things have gone wrong.

The intention is to have everything ready for use by the Summer this year!  A huge undertaking, dependent on so many variables, but we trust ultimately in God who is at the “helm”.

Pray with us if you will, for wisdom to handle each challenge.  That there continues to be a good spirit of cooperation between all those involved. For safety, strength and health.  And for continued provision of workers, materials and funds to complete the project as soon as possible.