Who are these programs for? Anyone desiring to participate in our Christian community.

Where do most people come from? Largely from central Europe, however, there is an increasing number of North Americans and other nationalities from English speaking countries.

What is the average age of guests? Most guests are between 25 & 55, however, both younger and older than this do regularly attend.

How many usually attend? An average group size is about 24 guests and about 4 volunteers

What language is spoken? Most programs are in English, exclusive groups will run programs in their own languages these being usually Greek or German.

What is the weather like during the programs? Warm sunny days are characteristic during Spring and Autumn, with occasional showers.  Average temperature 25 – 30 deg. Celsius during the day and 20 – 25 deg. Celsius at night. Summer months are quite hot with temperatures in the mid 30’s day and night.  for more detail see www.poseidon.ncmr.gr or our weather page.

What should I bring with me? Toiletries and personal effects as well as a towel.  Bedding is provided. A more detailed list will be sent which will be more relevant to the particular program you wish to join.

What other costs might I have? Souvenirs, meals at a Greek taverna, drinks/coffee at a cafe, rental of bike/car, boat or ferry.

When do the programs start and finish? It is prefered that guests arrive between 16:00 & 20:00 we start with the evening meal on the day of arrival and finish with breakfast of the last day.  The accomodations should be vacated by 10:00 on the day of departure.

What are the accommodations like? At the moment they are treehouses in our olive grove from single to 3triple beds in the smaller ones set up in single trees and 6 -8 in the larger decks between a few trees.  Studio apartments should be ready by summer of 2023.  These accommodate 4 – 6 persons. The have on-suite bathrooms and kitchenette.

Voltage at mains? European standard 230 volts, if you bring appliances from North America you may require a voltage transformer and plug adaptor.

Will accommodation be available if I came earlier or stayed longer? This may be possible if arranged prior to arrival.

Are there Special dietary foods available? Our kitchen cannot guarantee it can cope with all that is required for special dietary needs at this point, however, if the cooks are informed of your need they will do whatever possible to help.  You may need to consider supplementing meals with what you need from the local supermarket.

Can I make purchases with credit cards? This is now possible at most gift and clothing shops, tavernas, fast food places and kiosks.

Who will arrange my flight to Greece? You can do this yourself via the internet or get help from your travel agent.  See “finding us” for details as to how to get to here.

What is the best airport to fly into? Either Athens or Thessaloniki will work as we are half way between these two.  The closest, however, is the airport on Skiathos island where many international charter flights now fly into and the next closest is just out of Volos.

Transport costs from the airport to the Sporades islands? Thessaloniki or Athens to Volos is approximately a five hour trip by train or bus costing approx. 30 euro.  See www.bahn.de for train info. & www.ktel.org for bus info.  Then the ferry from Volos to Skopelos island is approximately a three hours ride costing approx. 30 euro.

What currency is used? Our currency in Greece is the Euro which is approximately equal to $1.00 USD. see www.xe.com for exchange rates.

Regarding Insurance? You will need to have your own health and accident insurance cover whilst here.  There are various companies offering travel insurance at low costs check out the internet or your travel agent.

How do I apply? Go to our Reservations page fill in the online form and send.  It will come to our email address for us to inform you as to whether there are still places left and what steps to take next.

How and when do I pay? To reserve your place in our programs you will need to send us 50% of the full amount for your particular choice of accommodations.  This deposit to secure your place is fully refundable till 30 days before start date of program. The full contribution should then be made 30 days before the start of the trip. No refunds are made after start date of program. Payments can be made to our Greek account, or via Paypal.  Details will be in your information letter.