Course Outline

Week Topic Activity
 1 Orientation Sail training
2 Steps toward spiritual maturity Meteora tour
3 Corinthians  Ancient Corinth tour
4 The Holy Spirit Solo – remote island
5 Philippians Ancient Philippi tour
6 Gospel of John or The Father heart of God Practical service week

Assignments – personal and group

Reading of all the Pauline Epistles as well as Acts of the Apostles

Reading “Stop trying to Live for Jesus, ….let him live through you” Charles Price

Reading of a Missionary Biography

Memorizing scripture

Preparing and leading Sunday worship services

Preparing and leading small group Bible studies

Doing group devotionals

Service week – practical work projects at the “Olive Grove – Retreat Center”

Regular physical exercise 4 units per week minimum, (1 unit = half hour of any sort of cardiovascular exercise)

Keeping ship’s watch and responsible for sail handling and mooring of the S/Y “Encounter” 90ft Schooner.