Spring Update 2022

Spring Update 2022

Early dawn at the start of April we were woken by a rumbling of massive digging machines making their way up our driveway to start finally on the building project.  

Six weeks later with huge mountains of dirt piled high and gaping holes where the basements would go, Spring bible course, STEPS…, begins with the arrival of 16 students and four volunteers who will stay 10 weeks to experience an amazing work of the Holy Spirit.

It was an intense start, and a little overwhelming to see our normally peaceful surroundings encroached upon with concrete truck after truck driving up, turning the place into a dust bowl.

Thankfully, three volunteers helped with preparations for bible school, as Dimitry our property manager was in the end totally consumed by the work needed on the building site.  Sandra became a full-time cook again whilst I (Theo) with Abby our (RA) launched the school program and I taught the first two weeks on Spiritual Formation.

By the second week the students had settled, the building project less intense with the pouring of concrete mostly finished, we sensed a greater peace and were enormously encouraged as the students were experiencing the power of God’s healing hand. 

As life stories were shared, healing prayer was sought and newfound freedom was experienced encouraging us to see how God can turn around a “train wreck” of a life to one of hope, love and joy.  Some who for so many years felt alienated, ashamed, wracked with guilt and fear, having sought intimacy and value in all the wrong places, now finding a community knit together by the love of God.

Local children programs were again launched this Spring, also drawing the attention of the local school which came out for a school day outing with the kindergarten classes.  It is our joy to be able to serve our community in this small way and hope they will taste something of the Love and peace of God in this place and ultimately be drawn to intimacy with Him our loving heavenly Father.

With the facilities and ministry opportunities growing we pray more full-time staff will join our team.  Please pray with us in this regard.  In particular, we hope a family would join us and also people who can assume the cooking and housekeeping roles.