Fall Update 2021

Fall Update 2021

With fading memories of Fall, it feels like we’re soon to enter into winter hibernation.  Temperatures have fallen, and the present downpours will soon turn to snow.  Till the end, Fall had been mild, with warm days, albeit occasional to even frequent showers. 

The weather conditions held out for “STEPS…” – our first Fall Bible School course onshore. Fifteen young ladies participated, all accommodated in treehouses.  Two of the larger treehouse decks were turned to sleeping quarters. The third was our dining room and lecture hall, under which we set up our kitchen.

This course featured a two-week mainland road trip. Visiting significant ancient biblical sites, local churches, and mission agencies. Opportunities were given to serve alongside them, particularly reaching out to Greek youth and refugees.

It is encouraging to see our students during their time here experiencing varying degrees of freedom. Some come from dire home situations. Some have made poor life choices leading to destructive habits and addictions, many battling with fear and anxiety.  They, as we all, continue to face difficulties in life’s circumstances. May we be always reminded of God’s promises and presence.

February we hope, to start building the long-anticipated studio apartments.  The goal is that we may be able to accommodate our next group of students in these, next Spring / Summer.  There will be two groups of three apartments i.e. six in total accommodating some 24 students.  Then a third complex, to be our kitchen, dining, and lecture hall, with offices and some further staff accommodations.  

Our sailing ship the “Encounter”, is still in our possession, however the mission agency that showed interest in her in the Fall has recently come back to us with intent to proceed with her acquisition. We’re glad that the Encounter will continue to be a ship used for the purposes for which she was built, that is, to disciple young men and women in the Faith and to be a means to spread the message of hope that we find in Jesus.