June 2015

An amazing Spring Impact Training course has just come to a close. After tearful goodbyes our students were off to new adventures, some travelling further in Europe whilst others returned home after a life changing gap year.

New Crew

Meet the Minas family!  Dimitry and Meta with their four children will be arriving to take up permanent residence on Skopelos island at the end of June.  Read below what they wrote;

The Minas family

My name is Continue reading

New Crew

I’ve asked Joachim to introduce himself and so have pasted in the following which I received from him;

Joachim Stadlmeir

Joachim at the helm

As a child and teenager I attended for years in camps. The blessing of these retreats and encounters Continue reading

Spring 2015

Three gorgeous spring days have past whilst we wait anchored in the cove of Agios Minas just a few miles north of Chalkida, – (the furthest south we’ll be sailing on this course), for the return of our students who Continue reading

Winter 2015

In the first days of November we waved our students goodbye at the dockside of Agios Konstandinos to head home for Skopelos island. For most of them their last 6 weeks aboard was deeply impacting. It was always interesting to Continue reading

summer 2014

extracting the failed bushing

repairs at the yard

There’s an air of optimism on Skopelos.  The island is now in full swing as tourists have flooded in.  Our season though started with a couple of surprises.  The first, days before the Continue reading

Update – April 2013

Update – April 2013

We were blessed with an unbelievably mild winter which allowed us to bring our house building project pretty much to completion.  Our kitchen is installed, basement bedroom ready for use, retaining walls and garage done just to name a Continue reading