Expectations and attitude coming into the program will dictate what you get out of the program.  If you are looking for a vacation, go to Hawaii or Mexico.  This trip will stretch you in all the right places. Continue reading


I guess I would just encourage them to really take advantage of the time they have in isolation from their normal daily routine.  I would encourage them to rarely use the internet take it as a time to really Continue reading


As for comments about the impact training, I would say to anyone coming in to approach the trip with an open mind because that is when you truly learn the most. And whatever you do not take it for granted Continue reading


I miss you two so much! It seems like almost everyday I think about Greece and the impact it has made in my life. I personally did not get much out of the lectures compared to what the people taught Continue reading


As for commenting on my experience I don’t know where to begin. I hear a lot of people say what a challenge it is (mostly physically speaking) and what I found is the biggest challenge for me was spiritually. We Continue reading


Aboard the Genevieve Challenge was one of the best experiences of my whole life!  I gained a whole new understanding of what my relationship with Jesus Christ looks like.  Through the help of the speakers and crew men Continue reading


It is difficult to put Impact Training 2008 into a paragraph; there is much that comes to mind when I think back on the experience and complicated to know what part of those memories could be attained by the new Continue reading


It was one of the best holidays I have had. Thank you for creating the perfect facilities for a relaxing and enjoyable summer.

Merry Christmas and may God bless you and your work onboard G. Challence.

Ulrik (Denmark)


…the meals where great – many thanks to Sandra – alltogether I enjoyed the time with you and on the boat very much..

Rainer (Germany)


I’d like to point out that the food was delicious!
To sum it up, I was satisfied with everything. You do a great job organizing this program and I definitely didn’t regret taking part in it.

Wishing Continue reading


I just want to say that both of you are doing great work in reaching others. You both have humble hearts as husband and wife in front of the Lord and it is so clear to see as a guest Continue reading


Overall, I loved my experience. The food was amazing, the culture was fun to explore, I was challenged in my faith and encouraged and learned a little about sailing.  Thank you for the opportunity. I have  suggested Continue reading