Spring 2016

These past months, the main thrust of the work on our island property centred on developing the camping facility.  The old farm house by the gate that we hoped could be renovated was not approved and instead had to Continue reading

February 2016

A Winter on the go!  Having finished our 2015 season we soon headed off to Tauernhof Austria (our mother center).  It was a time to share the happenings of the season past, with fellow staff members and to Continue reading

November 2015

November 2015

The skies are grey, it’s cold and wet as we sail to our home port of Skopelos island having left our students at Volos to go on to further adventures.  The sudden quiet is almost overwhelming, it’s just Sandra Continue reading


My life has been impacted here at Impact Training through the teachings I received, the relationships I built, and the habits I was able to form.  All the speakers had amazing things to say and each impacted me with Continue reading


This project was a great experience learning about God and myself.  It gave me the time to work things out and the lectures were phenomenal.  To see all the beauty and study God’s word at the same time Continue reading


Impact Training has truly given perspective to my life and opened my eyes to my real authentic walk with the Lord.  While here on the boat I realised how concentrated on works for my own salvation I was.   Continue reading

Jordan T

Coming into Impact Training, I expected to learn more about Christ and the word in a gorgeous setting in close community with others.  I definitely experienced this, but to a far greater extent than I ever could have imagined. Continue reading

Jordan F

Impact Training made such a difference in my walk with Christ because it gave me the opportunity to spend more time just speaking with Him and enjoying being silent in his creation.  I had enough time to step back Continue reading


Impact Training was such an eye opening and great experience!  The close community with fellow believers and the great bible lecturers and teachers was such a blessings.  I am more sure and confident in my faith because of Continue reading


I came to Impact training not sure what to expect aside from that I’d be on a boat for a time.  The weeks I’ve spent here will surely impact my life.  I have learned the value of true Continue reading


All the knowledge that I have been given through speakers, the books I’ve read and other’s insights has made the biggest change while being here on the boat.


Impact Training was two of the most spiritually, socially and emotionally challenging months of my life as well as the most fruitful and strengthening months as well.  The adventures that took place, relationships that were made and biblical teaching Continue reading