Winter Update 2020

The Olive Grove Retreat Centre

Above is a virtual reality projection of the building project we are about to launch this year. Plans are being submitted and we hope by the Spring to have approval and relevant building permits to proceed.

These new facilities are to be used for Bible school courses during winter, spiritual retreats in the Spring and Autumn and family/youth camps in the summer months.

The lower half of the property continues to have the treehouses built for youth groups that we hosted in the past. This will be developed further to provide an area that includes a sports field and children’s playground, that we will open up to the local community youth, for sport, cultural, educational and family recreational activities.

Existing finances will allow us at this point to go about halfway with the above project. Another 300.000 euro would enable us to go all the way! I hope you will be prompted to help financially.

Donations could be sent to the following accounts; click here for details.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me at;