Fall Update 2019

November marks the end of our Sailing season.  The students moved ashore to the Olive Grove for the last week of the Impact Training course, participating in their final team exercise that was to serve the needs of the team (food and accommodations) as well as serve the needs at the property (olive harvest).  It is also the ‘wrap-up’ week to debrief and evaluate the experience of the past 6 weeks aboard the sailing ship Encounter. A couple of students commented;

“Being in an environment where I was surrounded by other believers and learning about the Bible in our class time and having lots of time to get into the Bible myself and pray I grew. I gained an appreciation for the Bible that I never had before, and where it was once a little more than a book to me, it’s become alive and I have an excitement to read it.  While here I learned the importance of community. I didn’t expect to love everyone here as much as I do now but it’s so good. I’ve learned that I need people around me, to keep me accountable and encourage me and learn with and then do the same for them.  It was so cool living with 11 other people in a small area and working together and eating together and learning together.  These people just being themselves and sharing their lives taught me so much and gave me so much perspective and helped me to look at things in a different way.  Living with our guest speaker was also really great because it gave extra opportunity to get to know each other and to ask questions.  Each speaker left me with a new perspective and they taught me so much. Ultimately I am so glad I did this. it was something that I will never forget and treasure my whole life.  It changed me in such a great way’.  Makenna.

“For me it’s been an opportunity to press pause. In stepping out of my context entirely it gave space not only for new opportunities but also gave space for Jesus to reshape my perception of things back home. These seven weeks have been far harder than I had anticipated, that being said, Jesus has been magnified so deeply in the experiences I have had here. I don’t think I can yet perceive what this time has done for me. But I do know it has offered me freedom”. Ryan