Spring 2019

Impact training Spring course is well underway. It’s been a cool spring. Day temperatures not getting much above 20 Celsius and evenings often down to below 10. The atmosphere aboard, however, is warm and friendly. There’s a keen attitude to grow in faith and intimacy with God.

We started with sail training in the Volos gulf. Toured the precariously perched monasteries of Meteora. Studied the means available to us by which we can avail ourselves to the ministry of the Holy Spirit, who would transform us more into the likeness of Jesus.

We then sailed eastward into the Sporades islands. Our studies during this time were on the letter to Timothy, and on how to teach the Bible to children.  

Then northward to the peninsulae of Halkidiki. Taking in the grand views of some of the Mt Athos’s monasteries. Sailing no closer than the permitted 500 meters to the coastline, of the (men only) peninsular. 

We toured Philippi and visited Lydia’s chapel by the river where she was baptized.  Studied Paul’s letter to the Philippians. And explored the subject of Bible study methods.

On Diapori, a tiny island of exceptional beauty, we had our “Solo day”. This was a 24 hour period of fasting, prayer, and meditation.  Each student alone, (with God), on a little stretch of beach. Somewhere on the circumference of the island.

We’ve now sailed back down south to Skopelos. The teaching now is on the promised Messiah (Jesus the savior) as revealed throughout the Old Testament. 

In the evenings the students are leading group Bible studies on the gospel of John. The focus is on the signs, presented there. Testifying to the promised Messiah, the son of God.  The savior, to all who would believe (trust) in Him.

In the following weeks, our final study will be in the first letter to the Corinthians. We’ll then tour ancient Corinth, bungy jump at the Corinthian canal and tour to Delfi.

The students were asked to express in one word, what they felt characterized their experience so far.  Then to explain it with a sentence or two. I’ve pasted in a few below, you can read all 12 (students) on the “Reviews” page on the website.

Sonya – Peaceful

I would call my experience so far peaceful.  I chose the word peaceful because God has shown himself to me in so many ways over the last three weeks and brought me peace over the situations in my life.  He has shown me how to be still and feel His presence and to dwell in Him.

Mikayla – Dwell

Throughout this trip, God has been showing me the joy of simply dwelling in and on Christ.  No matter how tempted I am to obsess over my past or my problems, I am called to simply dwell on what is true and lovely.  When I dwell on Christ, conviction and rest will come.  Philippians 4:8 has been a great help to me.  Through meditation, prayer, fasting, submission and more, God has made it so clear to me that in all things, I must dwell on Him.  The restful and focused environment of the “Kingfisherproject” has helped me come to this realization.  Oh the joy of dwelling on the cross.

Julie – Revealing

I chose revealing because prior to this course I thought a walk with God was all rules and dullness.  But through the past couple weeks, I’ve been able to learn that you can have a real relationship with Him.  Also that you can have fun with others who are walking in Christ.  And as the course goes on I know that God will keep revealing Himself to me through those around me.

Sylvia – Revealing

So far God has revealed a lot to me.  He has revealed things about myself things I need to change and also things I have been blessed with and that I take for granted.  Things about Him. I have been blown away by his creation and things I continually learn about him. New people. He’s revealed new friendships and people to learn from which I’m so thankful for.

Jasmine – Honesty

Especially week one and two revealed a lot of things in my life that needs to be changed and I started being honest with myself.  I started to consider special parts of my life in terms of honesty and how I can do Gods will in these parts. Honesty was the foundation of the revelation God gave me.

Jamie – Reassuring

I chose this word my experience here thus far has given me the knowledge, desire, and ways to build my relationship with God and live my life through and with Him,  Before I was stuck, I didn’t read my Bible or know how to pursue God the right way.  And now with the disciplines, I know what I need to do in order to fill myself with Jesus’s love and strength and I want to do it.  I can see myself doing it when I go back to my reality and life.  I have comfort reassurance and hope in the fact that God’s perfect love will be with me and guide me as I put in the work to seek Him.  Being here away from home has helped me see these things and rest.