Winter update

Winter update

Spring is soon upon us. The crew, Tom and Ymea with baby Layna, recently arrived back from Germany, ready to go another season. Preparations on the S/Y ENCOUNTER are now well underway.

getting prepared

On the 1st of April, we’re at the shipyard for painting, below and above the waterline. Mid-April, our first Impact Training students will be arriving aboard.

This Winter, we explored the option of going “all out”, and develop our property. We envision a “Retreat, Bible training and Missions Centre”. Accommodating approximately 30 guests/students. This is to be in 6 to 7 cabins, serviced by a separate kitchen/dining hall. All surrounded by gardens and landscaped to produce an oasis-like environment.

2019 is now set aside to focus on the completion of this project. So that, God willing, 2020, will be the launch year of the “Olive Grove Christian Centre”.

kitchen sent down from Tauernhof

Funds are in place to start the project. Yet, we’ll need approximately 150,000 euro more to complete it.

A year ago Metaxia, – our property manager’s wife, started the youth club “Skopelights” in town. They meet two to three times a week. The kids enjoy all sorts of social, recreational and community service related activities.

This March we had the joy of hosting the youth club on our premises. It was a day of recreational activities and a picnic lunch in our treehouses.

Metaxia, unfortunately, came under heavy fire recently from a small fanatic Orthodox group. They had distributed thousands of leaflets in all the schools and neighbourhood. They accused her of parading as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

kids in the trees

The matter drew enormous attention, leading to a town council meeting with Meta and Dimitry. The council members, thankfully, denounced the bullying and religious prejudice expressed by this small extremist group.

The youth club continues to meet, providing an outlet for the kid’s creative abilities and social needs.

Prayer Requests:

We would cherish your prayers and support for our team here in Greece;

For the upcoming sailing season. For safety, health and spiritual growth for all those aboard ship.

For the developments ashore. Creativity and care as we navigate legalities etc.

For growth in our support base. For those that will pray with us and help financially and or personally get involved in our projects.