As a prairie boy, I hadn’t actually ever seen a sailboat in real life so that’s the expectation I went into the trip with. One of awe at the new surroundings with untouched knowledge just waiting to be made clear to me.  Living on a boat sounds daunting but once you find out that everyone else is just as scared as you are the bonds start immediately forming.  I never had any Christian friends so coming to a place full of them thrilled me.  I would finally get to see what it was like and boy was it amazing.  Have you ever had someone pray for you in exactly the way you need without having to tell them you needed that kind of prayer?

It’s incredible how scary wind can be (esp. when its gale force).  You haven’t seen people at their worst until they haven’t been able to shower in three days because it’s too cold.  I came to Impact Training wanting to start a new life, a different life, and honest life.  It’s hard to hide on a boat, it’s hard to escape interaction, what you don’t want others to see they eventually do because no one’s armour is strong enough to hold for six weeks.  First, you’ll crack, then you’ll shatter but instead of the others humiliating you they help you rebuild.  The best way I heard someone describe a broken person is that they are like a stained glass window that His light can shine through in the most beautiful way imaginable.  The ship is called the Encounter, that ‘s not an accident, they want you to encounter God, I did and He broke me but now here I stand as a testimony how amazing that was.  I am made new, the stains have been removed, my heart has been reformed and now I’m ready to go out and help God work through me to reach others.