Summer 2018

Summer 2018

A short while ago we took aboard 12 new participants. During our time of introductions, it became evident that all those participating were highly qualified professional people in various medical fields.

There were doctors, technicians, scientists researching cutting-edge medical technology. A pilots serving both in the military and commercial arena, teachers, social workers, students in masters programs double PhD’s etc etc.

To be honest I felt a little intimidated. I was supposed to lead them in a study of the Holy Scriptures and train them to sail a traditional schooner.  My level of education in comparison to their’s made me feel illiterate, what could I possibly say to illuminate such brilliant minds?

everyone lends a hand

Approaching God of course one does not come boasting in their intellect or achievements. Instead, humility is required as truth is revealed by the Holy Spirit.

I see it when training people to sail. Those who think they know lots, tend not to respond well to instructions.

But what a great attitude they had. We’ve been impacted by God’s revelation to us in the person of Jesus Christ through a study in the gospel of John, and considered the implications of this revelation on our lives today.

Like sail training, which is a great equalizer on a boat such as ours, we each came before God with our own needs and questions and have shared our experiences and discoveries.  It’s been a delight to sail again this summer with people, open to learn and share life with each other.

At the moment we have aboard a closed group of the LIEBENZELLER MISSION, (Germans), then following

anchored at the port of Skiathos

another closed group LIVING JOURNEY, (Swedes, Hungarians and others), this will end our Sailaway programs for this year. Then will follow Impact Training, our discipleship training course lasting 7 weeks to close our season for this year.