Winter 2018

Winter 2018
Staff increased by 4, two mums and their daughter and son.  Working for food and board, primary job, mowing the lawns.  See pic, their names from back to front; Sheila, Shantel, Shelly and Shaun the Sheep.

The new team

The new team

Housing is now also provided for 8 more voluntary staff, – chickens! and a greenhouse built for our veg. production.
Three more treehouses are in the making, a larger one to accommodate 10 and two smaller for 2-3 persons each.
An acreage around the corner from ours is on the market that has two houses on it and would be ideal for our staff needs.  Should the money, – 180,000 be raised for it, we would proceed to buy.

more accommodations

Winter is our opportunity for some time out. The Minas family went to Athens over Christmas/New Year. Theo and Sandra spent January in Australia. Tom and Ymea February in Germany each visiting friends and family.  It is a blessing for each of us to touch base with those back home and especially our churches.  On Skopelos, we don’t have a local church to attend, except when we all are here and gather to worship. The local Orthodox churches of which there are many, are not quite the same thing.
Mid-March, our whole team will be back at Skopelos. Preparations for the sailing season will reach fever pitch.  Boat maintenance will be at the forefront of things to do. Plumbing and mechanical servicing as well as rigging.  Five hundred meters of rope has been donated, to replace old Halyards. Deck repair work needs doing, but, we may need to wait till later in the season when the weather is dryer for this.
The upcoming sailing season is about full.  A few places left on Sailaway 2 and our Fall Impact training course.  If you know of anyone who may benefit by participating in either of these programs, do give them a nudge.
Next update, I’ll inform you of our shore-based camp programs and opportunities for voluntary service for this summer.