Update Fall 2016

Update Fall 2016

Have you ever seen a water spout forming in the clouds, then reach down like a finger to touch the sea, sucking up everything in it’s path?  It’s both extraordinarily exciting and frightening.  Heading south from Halkidiki and our visit to ancient Philippi we had such an encounter. With our Fall students aboard ready for the worst, lifejackets on and standing by to drop sails at a

water spout

twister coming our way

moments notice. We waited anxiously while we were driven south under powerful winds. We needed the speed, we had to get away, out of it’s path.  Should we be hit with all sails up there would be nothing left but shreds.  Nerves tense we watched the power of nature and prayed!  Gladly our paths did not cross.

This nervous tension has often been felt it seems these last months.  Much prayer, discussion and plans have been made as we’ve looked ahead at the developments of the Kingfisher Project.

Exciting possibilities of new longterm crew on the sailing ship Encounter.  “Euro team” a division of “Greater Europe Mission” undertaking to help with the design and engineering side of the next phase of the property development which is for about 8 more apartments / cabins to be built as finances are made available as well as the finalisation of the camping facility by next

tree house accomodations

tree house accommodations in the making

summer. We’re excited as to how the Lord is providing, we’re excited as to the prospect of soon seeing this place as one that facilitates an Encounter with not only the awesomely beautiful surroundings in nature but also one with the Creator and lover of our souls.

This summer started out with a full compliment of Spring Impact students, who experienced together His love and life changing power in their lives.  July however was a slow month due to a cancellation and low participation in a substitute Sailaway program.  This gave us more opportunity to be involved with two groups of youth that came down from Thessaloniki for a week each, staying in our treehouse accommodations.  Then August and things got busy with an Irish group, a mixed international group and then KISI kids leadership team,- who perform Christian musicals, and then finally our 7 week Fall Impact Training course, for the first time not full but the presence of God was evident.  I’m always encouraged to see youth grow in their awareness of God and their need for Him, to see their perspective and attitudes align with the will of God and leave us with renewed motivation to follow in His steps.

Tom & Ymea

Tom & Ymea helping out with our olive harvest

The first week of November we securely moored the Encounter for the winter and began our olive harvest, gathering just over 600kg of olives which we pressed and got 100 litres of pure extra virgin “bio” olive oil.  Then had the pleasure of sharing some of it with our team at Tauernhof Austria where we came away for staff prayer day and then further rest for a couple of weeks.

Please pray for Tom and Ymea (Germany) who are considering a long term involvement as crew aboard the Encounter.

Pray also for Dimitry. His family need a better (bigger and warmer) apartment to rent.  Also a solution for their transport needs as their car just died.

Pray also for those helping with the design of our property and 2nd stage of developments, the retreat centre with 8 more cabins.

Pray for more partners to join us in this ministry and volunteers to join us in May / June 2017 for the final finish of our camping facilities.