Summer 2016

Summer 2016

With a new bounce in their step having been impacted by the ministry of the Holy Spirit over the previous 6 weeks aboard the S/Y Encounter,  (see “visitors comments“), our students left us in June for further adventures in Europe.  Pray for them as they will face many challenges to remain true to the new course in life that many of them have taken.

On their way to new adventures

to new adventures

As I write, we are hosting the second group of youths from Thessaloniki so far this summer, taking advantage of our upgraded facilities; new summer kitchen / dinning area, decks up in the olive trees soon to turn into tree houses.

Today we’ll have the girls come sailing with us for the day and tomorrow the lads.  For most of these youths, these weeks is a dream come true.  Each morning after breakfast, the word or God is presented and ideas are discussed that have to do with living out ones Christian Faith in todays troubled world.  For some it is an introduction to Christ himself.  Our prayer is they will come to know Christ as their saviour.

cooling off over the side

Ymea and Thomas from Germany,  are to join our team as longterm crew on the Encounter.  We’re excited at the new possibilities this will provide.  Our biggest challenge now is to find a way to provide for them as regards their financial needs. Any help is welcome!  Our hope is in 2017 to phase out Sandra’s involvement on the ship, so as she can be shore based and help there with the cooking for groups that come camping.  I (Theo) will continue till the new crew or a new Skipper comes in to replace me on the ship.  It was too bad Joachim who joined us last year with this in mind did not work out and has now returned to his former employer.

With this new team Ymea & Thomas, Meta & Dimitry (& family) and Sandra and I our vision for the Kingfisher Project takes on a new dynamic!  It excites us, encourages us and empowers us to press on and see this dream become a reality.

As the camps this summer come to an end, Dimitry’s goal will be to turn his attention to the property as an olive orchard of about 120 mature olive trees and some 30 fruit trees, producing; figs, pears, apples, pomegranates, plums, peaches, cherries, almonds, mulberries, persimmons and a bunch of grape vines to name a few of what’s there now.  In the Fall we also intend to set up an Aquaponics system for vegetables with the goal of being able to provide our food needs, that I hope will in the future become a source of income as we take it to a commercial level.

our orchard in Spring

A soil tilling machine is next on our wish list.  After this Fall’s harvest of the olives we intend to till the whole property, rid it of the thistles, blackberry bushes and other thorny vegetation and then landscape the property to suit further developments as a retreat center.  This “tiller” will be an investment of approx. 1.500€.

volunteers at work

volunteers preparing the playing field

There’s much to do and much help needed.  May I suggest, one way to help is to set up a monthly automatic payment as a donation.  You can set this up with your bank or Paypal…

Also we can now host a couple of volunteers at a time, albeit rough camp like conditions, at least somewhere to sleep, a place to cook their meals and eat and of course lots of work!

We’d also appreciate your support in prayer for all that’s going on, especially for the team and all the challenges they face as they adjust to a new situation, fellow crew, and for the financial needs that they have.

I can be contacted by email at for further information on how to partner with us.  I hope you’ll consider joining with us on this venture in some way.