February 2016

A Winter on the go!  Having finished our 2015 season we soon headed off to Tauernhof Austria (our mother center).  It was a time to share the happenings of the season past, with fellow staff members and to introduce them to our new Greek staff (the Minas family) who travelled up by car with their four kids to be there just a few days.  Minas family

It’s always encouraging to sense that we are a part of a bigger “family”.  Further we met with the board and had the chance to share with them our vision for the future developments in Greece and particularly the island property.

Then for the month of January, Sandra and I (Theo), travelled to Australia visiting primarily our families and some friends.  It had been 15 years since we’d both visited our home country together.  It was nice to go down “memory lane” seeing some of our favourite places, particularly beaches, enjoy the foods, especially seafoods and to just simply spend time talking to my now elderly parents.

My sister with her family (3 kids) were also back from China, overlapping with us for a week, and so had the opportunity to celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday, with all her kids and grandkids all at the same place and time, a very rare event!  Sandra too was able to catch up with 2 of her 3 sisters and also see her niece’s newborn. 

Now back on the island of Skopelos, work continues in preparation for the summer camps on shore and programs on the Encounter.  Our biggest project is setting up a camp facility for 40 youths with treehouse accommodations.  Bookings have already been made for the camp so the pressure is on, we must be finished in time!  I’ll send some pictures as things develop.

Another project we hope you may join us with is to partner with the local evangelical church at Volos on the mainland to help with a ministry among a Gypsy community in a nearby town.  This winter we helped with providing means for a church building to be erected as they were meeting through the summer in the open.  Our prayer is to see a couple committed to serve these people full time providing education particularly for the children and help to meet their medical needs as well as spiritually minister to them.  Funds are needed to support such a couple or even single person, as well as funds to help with some of their basic needs particularly in the area of medicines.  Please join us in this if you will.

Meanwhile keep praying for us all, for opportunities to share the Love of God, for safety in our work, and good work relationships within our team.  Also for everything needed to accomplish our goals.  Pray also for full bookings on the boat for both the Impact Training courses as well as the summer Sailaway programs.  Many thanks!  Theo.