November 2015

November 2015

The skies are grey, it’s cold and wet as we sail to our home port of Skopelos island having left our students at Volos to go on to further adventures.  The sudden quiet is almost overwhelming, it’s just Sandra and I, accompanied by the gulls that swoop down for the left over crumbs we throw them.  We’re missing our students so much, yet excited for them as they venture out.

in the company of gulls

It was a great summer however, booked full, met so many wonderful people of all ages and nationalities. Our Impact Training students were extraordinarily keen, to grow in their Faith and make it theirs.  You could see them changing day by day as their desire for a deeper relationship motivated them to pursue God daily. It is a great blessing to play a part in this growing process.

Looking ahead now to the following months, we’re glad to have Dimitry and his family at our side as we work together in preparation for a new season of opportunity.  Around the end of November we’ll be meeting with the board in Austria with the goal to cast a vision for the Kingfisher Project.  Then on return we begin with our Winter projects, in brief, to set up a camping facility for youths in the lower half of our island property.  I’ll post next month details of what exactly we’ll undertake to do and how you could contribute if you were so inclined.


a dog's life

Our first concerns however on return to our home port will be to “winterise” the boat; service engines, repair and pack away sails, wash everything down and start up laundry services.  Of course before any of this first we have to secure the boat by laying out our winter mooring chains, anchors etc…  approx. 2 tons of material will be manhandled in the next days before we can go home and put our “feet up” so to speak, have a nice long hot shower, – the last was over 7 months ago, and just “veg out” in front of the fire in our living room.  We are very much looking forward to getting home!

We’ve just recently set up an “Instagram” account @kingfisherproject through which I hope to keep you posted of our activities so follow us there too if you like. Instagram