June 2015

An amazing Spring Impact Training course has just come to a close. After tearful goodbyes our students were off to new adventures, some travelling further in Europe whilst others returned home after a life changing gap year.

our students

So let the true you be seen!

The weather was particularly mild this Spring, not once did we need to do an all nighter on anchor watch, however we would have liked some more sailing.  The sea temperature though was cool so more time was spent above rather than in the sea.  This though did not stop anyone from jumping off 10 – 15 meter cliffs into the sea or snorkling through caves and underwater tunnels.

However hanging out with dolphins as we sailed south to Skopelos from Northern Greece in a balmy calm ocean was certainly a highlight.

I can almost touch them!

hanging out with dolphins

preparations are now under way for our next group from Moody Bible Institute who’ll be with us for a 5 week “Study Abroad” program.

Joachim, our new crewman (we call him Joe) is presently working on fixing cracks and leaks on the deck, whilst I (Theo) am about to head off to Bodenseehof (Germany) for our annual director / principles meeting for a week.  Looking forward to the break and company of fellow team mates in ministry.

On Sunday 14th June the Minas family arrive to take up residence on Skopelos and join our team.  Just a few more days to their arrival which we’re excited about!

Check out new pictures uploaded to our media page.  See also Visitors’ Comments made by our most recent students.