Spring 2015

Three gorgeous spring days have past whilst we wait anchored in the cove of Agios Minas just a few miles north of Chalkida, – (the furthest south we’ll be sailing on this course), for the return of our students who have been off to Cyprus the last couple of days.  The day after they return we’ll drive down to the archaeological site of ancient Corinth and then sail up north for 4 more weeks of Impact Training, visiting also the ancient site of Philippi at the northern most point of the course.

finally some signs of Spring

Richard Welch, teaching on Philippians left us a day ago heading back to Albania where he’s a missionary and Mark Thomas director of Capernwray Hall is now here to teach on Corinthians.  Andy Thomas, also from Capernwray, will then teach on Thessalonians and finally Wayne Wiessman from the US will join us with his wife Patty for the last couple of weeks teaching on Genesis and Revelations.

Wayne when not teaching

Meanwhile Stephen and Tanja are starting this month of May with another German couple (volunteering for about 6 weeks) on the “tree house” project on our Skopelos property.  The aim is to provide accommodation for up to 30 youths in tree houses up in our olive trees and also to build an outdoor kitchen to facilitate the campers.

This Winter / Spring has been the wettest that I can remember since we’ve been here, which made it near impossible to do much in building projects over the Winter.


Winter mooring in the snow

However we did get a team together in April to help prepare the boat and install photovoltaic panels to supplement our electric generator.  As it turns out, the panels have virtually replaced the generator as a power source.  From operating our generator approximately 6 hours a day it’s now down to about 15 minutes or just when Sandra needs the oven (maybe an hour every other day).  These solar panels will have paid for themselves in just one season!

building the frame for solar panels

Our new full time staff the Minas family our soon heading our way.  As soon as school is out for their children (end of June) they’ll pack up and come to settle on Skopelos, just a few hundred meters down from our property.  Dimitry Minas will initially come on as caretaker of the property and help in all of the building projects there, but will soon be setting up a youth camp programs featuring sea kayaking among the Sporades islands as well as other recreational sports such as cycling and sailing.  As promised before, I’ll shortly post a feature article on them to introduce them to you.

Joachim Stadlemeir our new crewman has already been with us since the start of April and has now taken on all the technical projects on the boat and it’s maintenance which has been a huge relief for me.  He’s being instructed in sailing and navigation and will later be getting experience in boat handling as well with the aim that he could substitute me if and when required.  He will introduce himself shortly in a separate post.

A new program this summer will be run in cooperation with Moody Bible Institute as part of their “Study Abroad” programs.  They will be with us for 5 weeks, starting in the end of June, following pretty much along the lines of our Impact Training course.  Two professors will come to teach, one on Global Religions and the other on the book of Acts.

Some generous donations have been made by the women attending their retreat at Capernwray Hall that will nearly cover building costs of the first two of the four tree houses for which we’re very thankful.  We’re still looking for funds to cover the outdoor kitchen which will cost approximately 10,000€.  If you can help, let me know or go to http://www.kingfisherproject.org/getting-involved/donations/