New Crew

I’ve asked Joachim to introduce himself and so have pasted in the following which I received from him;

Joachim Stadlmeir

Joachim at the helm

As a child and teenager I attended for years in camps. The blessing of these retreats and encounters with God have left traces in my life. Later i worked myself in youth camps, cycling, hiking tours as a staff or leader.

My job was always something for me to do with vocation.

“Everything you do in word or deed do it in the name of the Lord.” (Col. 3:17) is my confirmation verse.

A big step in this direction was the civil service at “Word of Life” on Lake Starnberg, where I worked as construction assistant and lifeguard. The community and school life at WDL have encouraged me to stay tuned into faith. At the end of this period I worked less than six months in Mombasa in Kenya as a builder’s labourer. Here I was able to make my first experience abroad.


I want to make Jesus the center of my life however this has always been a struggle leading to many failures. At the vocational school as a technical teacher its all about technology and performance. On the Yacht Encounter however faith and God is more the focus. Our days are numbered so I want to do this, I have realised more and more that it is the most important thing in my life.  I also want others to know and have the opportunity to meet God and so I want to tell them about him. Experiencing God in nature and sharing the experience with others is always a blessing.

Mostly I will be responsible for the engineering on the ship and alongside Theo the skipper I will work as crew. I’m to learn the whole responsibility for the ship so as to take over when it is time to do so.

Joachim Stadlmeir