New Crew

Meet the Minas family!  Dimitry and Meta with their four children will be arriving to take up permanent residence on Skopelos island at the end of June.  Read below what they wrote;

The Minas family

My name is Dimitry Minas. I grew up in a small village just north of Athens to an Evangelical family who where among the first believers there. Due to religious prejudices I came to know what it was to be ostracised by the community for having faith in Christ who I came to believe in as a young boy of 10. As a result, I had no close friends from among my peers. I got involved however around the age of 14 with Evangelistic missions that promoted faith in Christ nationwide during which time a conviction grew in me to one day be involved more fully in serving the purposes of God.

I finished schooling as an electrician then did my required military service and in 2000, went to Athens to study at the Greek Bible College where I met Meta, with whom two years later I was married.

I’m Meta, – full name Metaxia Armeni. I grew up in the city of Athens. My childhood memories revolve around the people who my parents were helping through the organization they founded “Passage to Life”. They were people being helped by the grace of God to become free from addictions due to substance abuse.

In this environment we often experienced the hand of God freeing people from self destructive forces and also saw the provision of God daily in our lives as we trusted in Him as a family for our daily needs. Through all this there grew in me and my brother the growing belief as to the importance of being in the center of God’s will.

After high school I continued with studies at a vocational college and in classical music (voice), during which time I met Dimitry and two years later at 19 was married. As we began married life it was amazing to see how God worked in both our hearts to pursue a life in full time christian service. We took up many service opportunities in our church and other mission endeavours such as ministry to the poor, house group leaders, worship team (Meta), drama team leaders, drug rehab center -”Passage to life” and “Streetlights” using social media to reach youth.

In 2009 we pursued further ministry training in Germany with “Fusion” in the area of youth and community work. This lead to our involvement in founding a community center which runs to this day reaching youth with the gospel through the arts and in particular social media.

The last years however things have been changing as our family has grown to 4 children. Evangelos 9, Markos 7, Efi 5 and Marilia 18 months. My (Dimitry) long absences from home was taking its toll, as work required me to be away driving tourist buses for most days in the year. I’d got into the rut of work work work, which I enjoyed and the money was good but the cost to family was high and my desire to be doing something more in line with serving God’s purposes had virtually disappeared.

Through a church conference in the UK which we attended in 2011, God once again got my attention (thanks to my wife’s prayers) and it became obvious our work situation must change. Through the songs, and the speakers the challenge to serve in full time ministry once again came to the forefront of our minds and heart. God was preparing us for something new.

In the Spring of 2014 we learnt of the Torchbearer work on Skopelos island. In the following talks with Theo and Sandra, – the leadership there, it became clear that a new door was opening up for our family. We saw the opportunity by the grace of God to affect a local community as we interact with parents and children alike, being to them a channel of God’s grace. We pray for wisdom to share God’s word and His plan of salvation with respect to the local culture and customs of an island community.

The plan is to move to Skopelos in June 2015 after schools are out. Amazingly a house has already been found to rent. We are preparing now with various jobs to finance the move and our establishment on the island.

We pray the transition will be smooth for our family not only in respect to the physical and financial needs but also psychological and spiritual as we undergo this life changing move. We trust that in all this God will be glorified.

Dimitry and Meta.