Update February 2014

This Winter has been a time of respite after a whirlwind of events since our last update.  Thankfully it was mild, hardly a winter at all considering what has been happening in other parts of the world.

The sailing ship “Encounter” was secured in the small cove of Panormos, about 15 minutes drive away.  There was hardly a blow that was of any concern, that might require us to check on her.  So the work of servicing systems was left for the coming Spring.

at anchor

secured for the winter

Projects ashore at the property were also at a minimum this Winter, mostly it was pruning over a hundred of our olive trees and in regard to our house we furnished the basement and have now a fully functional basement bedroom.  The final project on the house now is to finish the en-suite bathroom which will probably be done this Summer.

The director of Tauernhof, Martin, visited us with Brad a fellow staff person in February to discuss the future developments of the Kingfisher Project and also to consider the purchase of the neighbouring property that has just come up for sale.  The purchase of this plot would effectively double the potential here and we’re rather excited as to the possibilities however the seller seems to be aware of this and is asking a rather high price at 100,000 euro.  Our discussions led us to conclude that we (I in this case) is to come up with a long term ministry plan that will give us a clear way forward.  By the grace of God I trust we will have a workable plan (even if not final) by the time we launch into our sailing season this April.

pruning olive trees

the pruning process

Gratefully we have a full compliment of crew and even helpers for this season’s preparations.  We are still however hoping we’ll soon have some one or a couple, come aboard in a long term capacity.

Our excitement mounts as we look ahead at what God would do this season in the lives of those that come aboard.  The Spring Impact Training course is now full, however we’re down on Summer and Fall participants.  Hopefully many more will apply soon and benefit from this extraordinary unique opportunity.