Update – March 2012

The Tauernhof building team arrived end of February catching the last of what has been the wettest and coldest winter we can remember.  Eberhard with his truck and trailor brought from Austria all the building materials as well as doors, windows and underfloor heating system.

Tauernhof Team

Some of the building team

Thanks to those that donated money, time and expertise, today Sandra and I have been able to move in and for the first time in almost 30 years of missionary service we have a place to call home.

We’ve still to install a kitchen and furniture, but hope over the summer to save what is needed to be able to buy the remaining things to make it a comfortable place for us and those that would visit.

Sandra meanwhile has been recovering well after her surgery now two months ago.  She still suffers with her swollen leg from which her vein was removed for the bypasses.  The bottom line is she needs to rest more.  Thankfully a cook has been found that will replace her on the boat this season.

We’re now in the midst of preparing the boat for the summer season and our main concern has been regarding our main engine which has had water get into the oil, and our generator that keeps cutting out.  Minimum cost for the a bove work so far has been around 4,000 euro.  Next week we should know the extent of the damage in the engine and see then if we’ll need to haul it out to fix or even replace.  With the approaching Impact Training course, the pressure is on!  main engine