Update February – 2012

Finally the rain came and it seems it won’t stop.  There have been all sorts of extreme weather phenomenon, with gale force winds and snow storms. Gladly we’re warm and dry ashore in the old farm house.

Skopelos port

who wouldn't want to be out of the water?

Preparations are being made for a final push to finish our home at least to the point of being able to move in.  A team of builders from Tauernhof will be here end of February for about 10 days to install all external doors and windows, heating system, do the plumbing, electrics, plaster and tile the floors.  Rather ambitious it would seem, but the guys in Austria seem quite confident it could be done.  Eberhard from Germany has offered to truck everything we need so things might go as smoothly as possible.

Then it’s up to Sandra and I to install kitchen and in general furnish the place which we’ll do as funds come available.