Update – December 2011

Our temporary home

Sandra outside our temporary winter home

We sailed back to Skopelos beginning of November with 3 volunteers, (Daniel, Ben and Tani)  to help prepare for our winter at the property.   The local contractors had finished up with building the shell of our home.  The rest of our olive trees where pruned and the grounds cleaned up thanks to Steffen and Tanja and the first vegetable gardens where prepared.

Meanwhile Sandra and I worked on the old farm house on the property to make it livable for us to stay in this winter since our new home is yet to be finished.  With a bit of paint, curtains and rugs on the floor it’s amazing how quickly and cheaply one can make a home.  At this point we still have no indoor running water, but that will change in the following weeks.  An old wood burning cooker was found and made to work again so we have both heating and somewhere to cook.
The day after Christmas however everything changed.  Sandra had a strange sense in the wee hours of the morning, as though her life was being sucked out of her and she was about to black out.  That night she was taken to the health center and in the morning by ambulance to hospital on the mainland.  After an angiogram it was clear she was in a critical condition, her remaining open artery was about to completely block up, only a trickle of blood was getting through.  The other one (aorta) blocked up a year ago.  Immediately she was sent to Thessaloniki for a quadruple bypass.  Now three weeks later, we’re back on Skopelos and Sandra is recovering steadily.  Thanks to the grace of God we hope soon to resume a normal life.