Update – September 2011

August, a very active month in the Greek islands.  Everyone’s come away on holidays, trains, busses, ferries full, accommodation hard to find.  This August Skopelos hosted the regatta for a week long, hustle and bustle everywhere.  

Our Sailaways this year were mostly attended by German speakers.  Three of them where exclusively run in German language with the help of German speaking leaders.  However Sandra and I (Theo), as well as Matt and Dezi (crew) where far from understanding them, some groups though made every effort to include us by speaking English as much as possible which was rather nice.

Meanwhile the house building project continued throughout the summer.  Every time we were in Skopelos I’d check on the progress as well as receive updates from Stephen and Tanja who camped on the property for the whole summer as ground keepers.  They pruned the olive trees and worked hard to remove thorn bushes as well as helped us with shopping and laundry every time we sailed in to Skopelos.

Sandra with Steffen and Tanja