As I sit here in my apartment in the cold state of Minnesota, I wish I was still in Greece sailing the seas and growing in Christ. I spent the last school year at the Bible school in Germany called Bodenseehof. There I learned a lot and made some amazing friendships. I then headed to Greece to be a volunteer on the Genevieve Challenge and then to be a guest. As I look back on it today, that was were I grew the most spiritually. I wouldn’t have thought that when I was on the boat but now I know I did. I had a blast on the boat, learning how to sail, relaxing in the hot Greek sun, and just having time to soak in Gods creation and hear him speak to me. On of the most memorable times I had on the trip was probably renting a buggy and going mudding on Skopelos Island. It was a rainy day and my cousin and I didn’t want the weather to bring us down. So we rented a buggy and just went wild with it. We went all over the Island getting soaked with water and mud.
I would encourage all to get out and go on this trip. You will not regret it one bit. It is a time to grow in Christ as well as to get to know yourself more. I will always remember my time on the Genevieve Challenge and I hope to one day go back and visit.

Johnathan (USA)