I miss you two so much! It seems like almost everyday I think about Greece and the impact it has made in my life. I personally did not get much out of the lectures compared to what the people taught me. Something unique about this trip that has made it totally different then any other trip I have been on is the fact that you are living in close quarters with others. So, for me, this was the most challenging thing that I had I on this trip. There were awesome times and not so awesome times. But my trust in the Lord grew so much on this trip. There were relationships on this boat that will last me a lifetime and that is something that I can cherish forever. I am so grateful for that. I also got over a lot of fears on this trip. I think the biggest one was the fear of the future. Let me explain. Before I went on this trip, I felt like I had to live a certain way and be a certain person in order to be successful. But this trip has made me realize that I am free in the Lord. I need to trust Him on what to do with my life. I don’t have to stay here in America and work to gain worldly things, because that will never make me happy. I will never find peace and joy in that. However, when I start trusting the Lord with all of my heart knowing that He has me in His hand, I don’t need to fear the future or what could happen to me. If that makes sense… haha i am having trouble trying to put this in words…  My plan is to come back asap whenever I can raise enough money. I would love to work with you guys in anyway that is needed to further the Lord’s kingdom through this ministry. Please let me know of any prayer needs .   Jamie.