It is difficult to put Impact Training 2008 into a paragraph; there is much that comes to mind when I think back on the experience and complicated to know what part of those memories could be attained by the new crew members other than just experiencing the program.  I would encourage them that Impact Training is a terrific crash course on community living which has the usual potential of being a dangerous experience, though, my personal experience is one where the constant discussion and proximity was an opportunity to build relationships that, although inescapably distant when returning to our separate corners of North America, held a holistic, daily level of cooperation and friends-as-family relationships that I won’t easily forget.  Add that to dolphins jumping only feet below you while your attempting a comfortable position on the netting of the bowsprit or anchoring bottom bunk to Poseidon’s temple, and its easy to empathize with me that this experience has not been described to my friends here at home with a large degree of success (other than through the much subtler ways in which the not so geographical results of Impact Training have stuck with me).  Impact Training has many disciplines and revelations compacted within the itinerary, it requires some active learning that is unquestionably worth the effort.  Greg.