As for comments about the impact training, I would say to anyone coming in to approach the trip with an open mind because that is when you truly learn the most. And whatever you do not take it for granted because whether you realize it or not at the time the sailing trip will truly be one of the best and most memorable times of your life. It might be helpful to polish up your muscular frame a tad before hopping aboard because hoisting sails or pulling sheets can be a bit rigorous at times, especially in high winds. The trip was so beneficial for me for several reasons. Being on the boat had some obvious benefits such as learning how to sail which is something you’ll get hooked on very quick. The kind of environment you’re in, sailing the aqua blue waters of Greece and kicking it with a bunch of people in a learning environment, is absolutely spectacular. The food is spectacular as well so bring a big appetite, I did. Being on the boat also helped me to mature in many ways and many of those ways I am still discovering even now. There is something about being far away from anything you’ve ever known that opens up your mind and moves you forward in life. I’ve realized that the trip prepared me for life on my own and not just life on my own but a life where I have learned to enjoy the more simple, beautiful aspects of living and not depend so much on material things to make me happy. It has taught me to appreciate just sitting with a cup of coffee or tea enjoying the company of another individual. Or having the ability to stare at a view of beauty and let my mind wander. It has taught me to take less enjoyment in TV, and computer, and other technologies and allowed me to rather pursue many of my interests that would have been otherwise distracted. And most of all there is nothing like a strong ocean wind propelling your sailboat through the stunning, island-dotted, waters of Greece. Don’t worry about bringing any ipods or cell phones, they don’t belong in the beautiful places you’ll be.  Peace,   Dan P