Aboard the Genevieve Challenge was one of the best experiences of my whole life!  I gained a whole new understanding of what my relationship with Jesus Christ looks like.  Through the help of the speakers and crew men and women I furthered my knowledge of the Bible, especially the Pauline Letters.  To get the most out of your time in Greece you must open up to new ideas and new experiences.  If you do not you are cheating yourself and your fellow crewmen and women, and you may very well leave regretting your once-in-a-lifetime opportunities you missed.   Some of my fondest memories are ones when I was able to discuss my faith and various issues in my life with the speakers, Theo, other crew and students.   You need to also learn how to live with complete strangers for 6 weeks, but don’t worry after a few days you already start to feel like family!   You will leave Greece with no regrets if you just try new things and accept the challenges.   There is something magnificent about conquering your fears and doubts with other people!  Last but surely not least, do not flush toilet paper down the toilets (especially for the guys) and pump multiple times (you will know what I mean when you get there)  – cleaning that ‘stuff’ up is not fun ;).    Andrew.