As for commenting on my experience I don’t know where to begin. I hear a lot of people say what a challenge it is (mostly physically speaking) and what I found is the biggest challenge for me was spiritually. We all come from such a loud world and when you’re out in nature, working hard and with the daily fellowship you truly see what life is about and what you’ve been craving spiritually. All the speakers I felt were a great plus to the program but the ones that impacted me most were you and Sandra. Greece changed me in the sense that I am doing different things with my life because of it. It is a daily remembrance for me on both the challenging and relaxing times I had. One thing I don’t have at home that I had there was the Christian fellowship and daily encouragement. That was one of the best things on the trip and a very needed and helpful one at that. All in all, I loved it!  Abigail.