Update – January 2009

Finally the generator is fixed and we leave Volos for our winter haven on Skopelos island.  Still a mile off shore on our approach to Panormos bay, we breathed deeply the fresh scented pines .  We  anchored up  and sat in the stillness of the bay in the warming afternoon sun and listened again to the shrill twittering of the kingfishers that flit about the anchored boats and wooded foreshore and were glad to be back.

With the excuse of Christmas we enjoyed visiting and partying with friends nearly every other day especially in the latter half of December, till finally on the first of 2009 we could look ahead and begin to plan for the work we’ll need to do in preparation for the coming season, which includes some plumbing to make more use of seawater for washing up and also maintenance on the electrical systems, as for the  indoor jobs, and repainting the deck and hull.

We’ve now all our paper work to set up Torchbearers as a non – profit organization in Greece and as things begin to normalize after all the celebrations they should be processed by the Greek authorities and so enable us to proceed with the purchase of land possibly by Spring.

Meanwhile Impact Training is full and 12 students are now eagerly preparing to come over for what we trust will be a life changing experience (see “comments” for testimonials given by some of last years students).