Update – April 2008

After a most enjoyable winter on Skopelos island, having the pleasure of meeting many locals and building friendships we took off in early April to come to Volos where we got busy with preparations for our first Impact Training Course to be run aboard starting 1st May.

The biggest project was the installation of a new generator, which went in without a hitch however three weeks later we’re still waiting on one of the parts to fire her up!  Orthodox Easter (late April) put much on hold.

Just before leaving Skopelos Island we found a piece of land 8,600 sqm of gently sloping olive grove which we are now in the process of buying. This will become our shore base and later Torchbearers Greece center.

We have just enough money to buy the land and fix a small cottage to become our winter accommodation.  Then we hope in the near future to raise funds for the main building project.