The sailing ship "Encounter"Our mission is to Proclaim the transforming presence of Jesus Christ through biblical teaching and practical training, equipping men and women for service worldwide.


Impact training  is about adventure, challenge, growth within a community of fellow shipmates, exploration and revelation, finding purpose and destiny.  It’s a holistic approach to life and matters of the Faith.

Our class room is the beautiful sailing ship “ENCOUNTER” a 90ft (27m) traditional gaff rigged schooner. A  purpose built ship constructed in Zimbabwe Africa, launched in 1998.

Our journey will take us among the islands and coastal areas of Greece where Paul the Apostle to the gentiles once traveled, visiting some of the  most significant archaeological and biblical sights such as Philipi, Athens & Corinth, bringing to life the pages of scripture.

Our studies will include books of the New Testament and particularly the writings of Paul. We’ll be looking also at Greece the birth place of democracy, its philosophers and impact on our western world and mind set, and also at the church throughout history.  We’ll look at steps we can take to avail ourselves to the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and seek to understand the purposes of God in us and through us, considering the plans already prepared and how to walk into our God given destiny.

Teaching will take various forms such as lectures (12 – 16 hours per week), group study and discussion, personal study and reading, as well as through daily life aboard and team initiatives, all facilitating corporate and personal development.

You can read the course outline by clicking here.

Community life is central to this training program through which much is learnt as we rub shoulders living in close quarters.  Looking out for each other, considering others before oneself, sharing, giving, growing in patience understanding and learning to appreciate the unique giftedness in ourselves and others and developing a strong sense of belonging.

Life style aboard is simple, far from computers and internet access radio and TV much of the time.  No hair dryers or other electrical gadgets, extremely limited amounts of fresh water for showering (mostly with sea water), washing clothes by hand.  Discipline aboard is intended to provide safety and harmony among the crew.

Learn to sail, navigate and acquire experience and the sea miles needed in the pursuit of competent crew or skipper certificates.  All participants are involved in all aspects of crewing the ship which includes sailing her, cleaning and maintenance work as well as domestic duties from doing dishes, laundry, sweeping, mopping and cleaning the heads.

Travel days will be granted to allow you to explore on your own or with fellow students.  Visit neighbouring Turkey, Albania or other Balkan countries or travel across Greece and take in it’s natural beauty in places of grandeur such as the world’s narrowest deepest gorge at Vichos, to the mystical towering monoliths of Meteora  upon which are perched monasteries of the 14th century hundreds of feet up from the valley floor.  Or travel across to Santorini, Mykonos and other famous Greek islands, taking in Greek culture and history as well as experiencing the hospitality of its people and the taste of Mediterranean foods.

parthenon athensHow to apply?  Go to the application process .  You’ll find there the steps you need to take.  Applicants should be over 18 years of age. Do note places are limited and you should apply early if you are not to miss out on this extraordinary unique training opportunity. Sometimes due to last minute cancellations, places may become available so do check availability.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will impact you and help transform your life.