My life has been impacted here at Impact Training through the teachings I received, the relationships I built, and the habits I was able to form.  All the speakers had amazing things to say and each impacted me with their message in one way or another.  I got a lot of new perspectives that challenged me to approach scripture and the way I practice my faith in new ways.  They also probed lots of thought about the foundations of my faith – what I really believe and what reasoning I have to believe those things.   They encouraged me to go deeper and out of that depth I was able to connect with God in new ways.  I also built lifelong friendships during this program that I know I will take with me through the rest of my life.  The Christian community on the boat was rooted in both openness and a desire to grow closer to God.  It hasn’t been often in my life that I have had the opportunity to spend time with and discuss my questions with people who are Biblically educated and actively implementing their knowledge of the scriptures into their walks with the Lord.  It was a massive blessing to see their growth alongside my own.  Perhaps the most impactful thing that I will take away from this program, is the spiritual disciplines I have implemented while here.  I have always struggled with reading the Bible consistently and actually paying attention while I read it.  While on the boat Scripture has really come alive to me and not only do I want to read it regularly, but when I do read it, God has revealed so much more to me that I have ever experienced .  Prayer and time journalling have also become prominent life-giving habits.  There has been a lot of meaningful growth in all these areas and I am excited to experience more growth when I get home.


This project was a great experience learning about God and myself.  It gave me the time to work things out and the lectures were phenomenal.  To see all the beauty and study God’s word at the same time is something I’ll never regret.


Impact Training has truly given perspective to my life and opened my eyes to my real authentic walk with the Lord.  While here on the boat I realised how concentrated on works for my own salvation I was.  I have made friends that will be for a life time and eternal as well.  I have loved every moment I have spent on the Encounter and it has been such an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity and will forever look back and cherish this opportunity to take a break from real life and join in fellowship with other christians and God.

Jordan T

Coming into Impact Training, I expected to learn more about Christ and the word in a gorgeous setting in close community with others.  I definitely experienced this, but to a far greater extent than I ever could have imagined.  The insights and biblical teachings I took away from lectures have been an incredible and lasting blessing in my life, and the creation is indescribable. I have taken away far more knowledge, life applications, and incredible memories from my time on the encounter than I ever could have asked for.  I can say with confidence that God  has blessed me very tangibly here in Greece, and I will be looking back with fondness on this time for the rest of my life.

Jordan F

Impact Training made such a difference in my walk with Christ because it gave me the opportunity to spend more time just speaking with Him and enjoying being silent in his creation.  I had enough time to step back from normal life and experience Jesus in new and profound ways.  He showed me His unconditional love for me no matter the failures of my past.  I will cherish my time on the Encounter forever!


Impact Training was such an eye opening and great experience!  The close community with fellow believers and the great bible lecturers and teachers was such a blessings.  I am more sure and confident in my faith because of Impact Training and will never forget it.


I came to Impact training not sure what to expect aside from that I’d be on a boat for a time.  The weeks I’ve spent here will surely impact my life.  I have learned the value of true open community and fellowship, and how God wants to work through me in my community back home.  I have felt and understood God here and hope to carry this thirst for God back home.


All the knowledge that I have been given through speakers, the books I’ve read and other’s insights has made the biggest change while being here on the boat.


Impact Training was two of the most spiritually, socially and emotionally challenging months of my life as well as the most fruitful and strengthening months as well.  The adventures that took place, relationships that were made and biblical teaching that was given all encompassed the most life changing memories


How do I adequately put into words how my life was impacted?  There are so many things that have occurred it is hard to verbalise.  The main impact that I think I have experienced is learning the importance of community.  Being with the 11 other individuals on this ship and learning about each other, as we work through struggles, learning life lessons, scripture, Sailing adventures, on shore adventures.  The community has been absolutely amazing and it has taught me how valuable friends who are like-minded can be.