Hi, I’m Theo Goutzios the Kingfisher Project director and skipper of the S/Y “Encounter”.  I’m married to Sandra pictured here and we have a lively Jack Russell Parson Terrier, called Rusty (also pictured).  Sandra is our hostess & cook aboard the ship and Rusty our ship’s mascot.

We’ve been married since 1980 and have for most of those years worked side by side in Christian ministry.

We started out in New Zealand in 1984 serving aboard the S/Y “Dayspring III” (a 74ft Ketch)  that served among the South Pacific islands, encouraging remote church groups, bringing Christian literature to them and preaching/teaching the Word of God

In 1986 we were invited to Greece to serve aboard the S/Y “Morning Star” (a 69ft schooner) leading evangelistic teams all over the islands and coastal areas of Greece as well as the coastal areas of Turkey , Cyprus and Albania.

Since 1996 we’ve served with Torchbearers founding the ministry in Greece, and in 1999 also taking on the management of the S/Y “Encounter” on behalf of Release Foundation (a British charity).  For more details on our story see our history.