My life has been impacted here at Impact Training through the teachings I received, the relationships I built, and the habits I was able to form.  All the speakers had amazing things to say and each impacted me with their message in one way or another.  I got a lot of new perspectives that challenged me to approach scripture and the way I practice my faith in new ways.  They also probed lots of thought about the foundations of my faith – what I really believe and what reasoning I have to believe those things.   They encouraged me to go deeper and out of that depth I was able to connect with God in new ways.  I also built lifelong friendships during this program that I know I will take with me through the rest of my life.  The Christian community on the boat was rooted in both openness and a desire to grow closer to God.  It hasn’t been often in my life that I have had the opportunity to spend time with and discuss my questions with people who are Biblically educated and actively implementing their knowledge of the scriptures into their walks with the Lord.  It was a massive blessing to see their growth alongside my own.  Perhaps the most impactful thing that I will take away from this program, is the spiritual disciplines I have implemented while here.  I have always struggled with reading the Bible consistently and actually paying attention while I read it.  While on the boat Scripture has really come alive to me and not only do I want to read it regularly, but when I do read it, God has revealed so much more to me that I have ever experienced .  Prayer and time journalling have also become prominent life-giving habits.  There has been a lot of meaningful growth in all these areas and I am excited to experience more growth when I get home.